Customised Water Treatment and Monitoring Solutions

Coftec is part of Coffey, a leading water infrastructure and civil engineering specialist operating across all major construction sectors in Ireland and the UK. Coftec leverages Coffey’s capabilities, proven processes and established team to offer single-source, water and wastewater solutions to our industrial and municipal clients.

Our People

Odran Madden,
Managing Director
Simon Coffey
Director of Business Development & Plant
Eoin Colgan
Director of Engineering
Ahmed Bakhiet
Project Manager
Fergal Reale
Sales Manager
David Burke
Design Manager

Our Values

  • People
    Our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to treating them fairly and giving them every opportunity to develop and grow within the business.
  • Health, Safety, Environment
    We are committed to ensuring that we maintain the highest Health, Safety and Environmental standards in our work. We are relentless in our desire to keep people safe from harm, provide them with a healthy working environment and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Innovation
    We develop and apply leading technologies and processes. We promote a culture of innovation and curiosity. We listen, learn and seek out the best ideas so that we can apply them to our work.
  • Customer
    We respect our customers and uphold the highest levels of integrity. We are focused on customer satisfaction and developing collaborative relationships to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Quality
    We are proactive in the continuous improvement of our management systems and processes and in the adoption of best practice. We are committed to providing a quality product and service, driven by a Plan – Do – Check – Act philosophy.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    We respect the communities where we work and support them by employing local staff, supporting local charities, supporting local businesses, engaging a local supply chain and encouraging employee involvement in the community.


Commitment To Sustainable Planning And Production

Our water treatment and wastewater treatment plants utilise in-house off-site modularised construction, facilitating a reduction in construction waste and in the energy used during construction. Built in-house at our facility in Galway, our sustainable solutions have been shipped to locations in Ireland and abroad, in 40-foot containers, each designed to treat 40 and 120m3/hour.

Environmental Sustainability Criteria

Minimise The Use Of Available Energy And Resources

Using existing electricity supplies where possible and reducing the use of chemicals in treatment processes.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Incorporating A-rated, energy efficient equipment.

Maximise The Use Of Renewable Energy Sources

Establishing a minimum percentage of energy to be used from renewables.

Use Sustainable Building Methods And Materials

To minimise our footprint and impact on the local ecosystem.

Recycle Construction Waste

Recycle and re-use materials within the footprint of project sites.

Our Clients Include

National federation of Group Water Schemes is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Defene Forces of Ireland are a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Meath County Council is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Sligo County Council is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Mayo County Council is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Abbot is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions

Accreditations & Certificates

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