Water Purification Technologies

Removing Hazardous And Organic Chemicals

Arvia Technology is a water treatment technology company developing solutions to some of the most complex problems in wastewater treatment.

As tertiary water treatment specialists, they design, manufacture and supply advanced water purification technologies to remove hazardous and recalcitrant organic chemicals, colour, and COD. Their Nyex range of tertiary water treatment processes has applications in raw water treatment, and wastewater treatment in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, aquaculture, and semiconductor industries.

Uses Of Nyex

Extremely Effective Industrial Pollutants Removal

Nyex is proven to be extremely effective at removing industrial pollutants from wastewater as a polishing step. Nyex is particularly effective at removing pharmaceutical residues such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to trace levels, as well as many Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), so it is well placed to help in the battle to reduce Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR).

As well as the pharmaceutical market, target markets include fine and specialty chemicals, agrochemical, aquaculture as well as the semiconductor industry. Market drivers range from wastewater compliance with regulations, CSR and sustainability targets (reducing incineration) as well as water reuse.


Nyex Technology Benefits

  • No chemical dosing so safe and low-cost operation
  • Produces no secondary waste streams, enabling significant cost and operational savings
  • Extremely effective wastewater polishing step which reduces pollutants to compliance limits
  • Robust treatment which can be switched on/off as needed
  • Modular and scalable

How Nyex Works

The Arvia technology couples the benefits of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation into a unique single stage process. It is a novel approach to the treatment of aqueous organics and has been proven to have important advantages over the individual application of these processes.

Additional benefit of this technology is the restoration of the adsorptive capacity of the Nyex Media which is reused for further adsorption of contaminants. As a result, the technology offers a sustainable, chemical free and environmental sound water and wastewater solution at relatively low energy consumption.

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