Smart Water Quality Monitoring 

ATi monitoring solutions for water quality and gas detection in Ireland are available via Coftec. The products are synonymous with quality and monitoring excellence. With 30 years’ experience in pioneering the development and deployment of innovative, customer-focused water quality, toxic and combustible gas monitoring solutions, our dedicated team also provide specialist insights on water quality data analytics and take pride in providing class-leading customer support before, during and after installation.

The ATi range of monitors are trusted by some of the largest businesses and brands across diverse markets and applications, including potable water, wastewater, process water, pharmaceutical & healthcare, HVAC, food & beverage, industrial, leisure, large scale events and commercial fish farming.


The WRAS approved MetriNet leads the way in continuous, smart water quality monitoring. Its ultra-low powered, smart digital sensor technology offers a sustainable solution, delivering proactive management to safeguard water quality.


SeptiNet Smart Septicity MonitorSeptiNet is an innovative breakthrough in smart, continuous and accurate wastewater septicity monitoring for sewer networks.

M-Node Smart Sensors

ATi M-Node sensors for turbidity monitoring. Our pioneering, smart, ultra-low-powered, modular M-Node sensors, utilised within our MetriNet and SiteBox solutions, were designed to generate specialist data insights, offering accurate, reliable and continuous data for real-time analysis.


SiteBox is a fully independent portable monitoring, control and policing system that can be used in many applications from drinking water treatment to process water in food industry, housed in a carry-on luggage sized box.


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