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Case Study

Lough Talt Modular Water Treatment

Due to inadequate source protection in the catchment Irish Water commissioned a project to address concerns raised and to ensure a safe and secure potable water supply for the region. The project comprised the planning, design and construction of a series of modular treatment stages to counter non-compliance issues with Trihalomethane and cryptosporidium contamination. An interim solution with an expected life of 8-10 years. The upgraded water treatment plant installation includes rapid gravity filters, containerised pump installations, chlorine disinfection and chloramination.
Case Study

Modular Treatment Plants for Ukraine

Coftec has supplied 3 water filtration and disinfection systems to Eastern Ukraine, each with a capacity of 40m3/hour, to help the 4.6 million people without access to safe running water in 2022. The systems consist of pressure filters, pumps, and a UV disinfection reactor, and can be quickly installed with just a power connection and a raw water source. Coftec maintains full visibility of the systems, ensuring real-time monitoring of water quality and providing remote support to end-users for commissioning and operational issues.
Case Study

Supply of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units to Irish Defence Forces

Coftec provided three containerized reverse osmosis (RO) units to the Irish Defence Forces, which are capable of producing 5m3/hour of purified water from brackish sources. The systems will provide troops with safe and reliable potable water on overseas missions. The units are equipped with feed pumps, filters, chemical dosing, CIP system, and water softening. Coftec also provided on-site commissioning and start-up services as well as a "Train the Trainer" program for troops to upskill and train colleagues.
Case Study

pH & Disinfection Programme

Over 100 water treatment sites were upgraded with a standardized disinfection system including hypochlorite dosing and UV disinfection. However, it was discovered that the sites required appropriate boreholes and/or booster pump controls for desired performance. To cater for this, Coftec designed a flexible control panel and dosing cubicle that could be easily adapted on any site. The functional specification was also developed as generic and comprehensive for minimal intervention when adapted to specific site conditions. This is an example of Coftec adding value through detailed design and collaboration with stakeholders.

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National federation of Group Water Schemes is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Meath County Council is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Sligo County Council is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Mayo County Council is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Abbot is a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions Defene Forces of Ireland are a Client for Coftec's water treatment solutions


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