Coftec and IDRO Group: A Dynamic Partnership Revolutionising Water Treatment

Coftec, in collaboration with IDRO Group, have forged a partnership that breathes new life into the water services sector. This visionary initiative combines a comprehensive range of cutting-edge engineering solutions and services, catering to the complex requirements of both industrial and municipal water services. At its core lies a collaborative business relationship between two innovative water and wastewater engineering firms, built on the principles of ISO 44001:2017 – the International Standard for Collaborative Business Relationship Management.

Installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plants in Lebanon

Recently, the Coftec and IDRO Group partnership achieved a significant milestone by successfully installing and commissioning two modular reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plants in Lebanon. These state-of-the-art facilities will provide safe and reliable potable water for the Irish army deployed on UN peacekeeping missions in south Lebanon. This critical installation replaces the aging infrastructure at Camp Shamrock.

Notably, the construction of these modular water treatment plants adhered to the principles of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA). They were meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested prior to being shipped to Lebanon. To ensure a seamless deployment, a team of experts accompanied the shipment, overseeing the setup and commissioning of the plants.

Coftec and IDRO Group Partnership

The partnership between Coftec and IDRO Group leverages Coftec’s unparalleled expertise in the Design Build Operate space, coupled with IDRO’s diverse range of products and engineering knowledge. As a result, clients and customers now have access to a comprehensive provider of innovative water solutions, offering a one-stop-shop experience. This collaboration is driven by the shared objective of fostering true innovation, not only from a technological standpoint but also in terms of project delivery and enhancing the overall client and customer experience. Together, we strive to deliver unparalleled engineering excellence and added value to an expanding base of customers and clients.

Solutions Offered by Coftec and IDRO Group

The alliance between Coftec and IDRO Group offers an array of solutions tailored to the water and environmental sector. These include but are not limited to, RO, UF, DI, De-min, MBR, MBBR, SBR, Disinfection, Chemical Dosing, and Sludge Management. With such a diverse portfolio, Coftec/IDRO Group is well-equipped to tackle the main challenges faced in today’s water and environmental sectors.

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The installation of two modular water treatment plants in Lebanon marks a significant achievement for Coftec and IDRO Group. Through this collaborative approach and commitment to DFMA principles, these plants represent a new chapter in water treatment excellence. As we continue to forge ahead, our partnership aims to revolutionise the industry by introducing innovative solutions and delivering an exceptional experience for clients and customers. Together, we are driving positive change and shaping a sustainable future for water services in the markets we serve.

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