#COP26 – Implications for Water Services Industry

Following on from a divisive couple of weeks in Glasgow at the recent #COP26 event, many industries are now wrestling with the prospect of having to develop and implement policies and solutions to meet the agreed objectives. The water industry, drawing from its multidisciplinary pool of scientists, engineers, technicians, and others, is well positioned to become a change leader.

Priority issues include safeguarding drinking water supplies, tackling emerging contaminants, nutrient management, digitisation, and decarbonisation of the industry. Advocating for cross-industry collaboration will be a critical element in achieving the agreed objectives on a wider scale. Active engagement from the energy, agricultural, industrial, food and construction sectors are required to effect transformational change.

The development and deployment of novel solutions or services must be enabled by policy makers through the provision of adequate support structures including robust financial, legal, and regulatory frameworks.

One month on from the conclusion of COP26 and the rhetoric has all but fallen silent. Few mainstream media outlets continue to run with the story and even fewer of those in influential positions continue to emphasise the message. It remains to be seen how quickly the critical stakeholders can rally and react to the immediate requirement for decisive action.

Water is central in the climate crisis and the sustainable management of water resources, including the reuse of treated wastewater and improving yields from drinking water networks, must form part of the solution to address the crisis. At Coftec, we are poised to play our part in moving forward on the priority issues. We offer a range of innovative water technologies which can be built into a bespoke solution by our in-house multidisciplinary design team. Call us today to discuss how Coftec can solve your water or wastewater problem.


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