Modular Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Modular Treatment Plants

Modular Water Treatment Plants

We manufacture customised, made-to-order Modular Water Treatment Plants for municipal and industrial water treatment.  Led by our technical team, we will collaborate with you, helping to clarify your needs, from initial discussion through to post-installation support.

Designed for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), constructed, tested, commissioned and supported by Coftec. Our municipal and industrial water treatment plants are shipped ready for use. With rapid turnaround and quick installation, these made-to-order, water treatment plants are ideal for emergency, temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions.


Treating potable water, industrial process water for municipal and industrial water use,  re-use and recycling.

Various processes configurations are available including physio-chemical processes, such as coagulation and flocculation, precipitation, reverse osmosis and ion exchange, as well as the removal of BOD and COD from waste streams. Apart from these chemical and biological processes, disinfection for the removal of pathogenic microorganisms can also be achieved.


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