Schematic of Coftec Water Safety Plan for wastewater

Water Safety Plan

What is a Water Safety Plan?

A Water Safety Plan can mitigate risk if your process relies on water

An efficient water infrastructure is essential for continuity of production whether it be in Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Medical Technology etc. The uses of water may include fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting the product produced by the process in question. Without water, many companies, and the products they produce would not exist in our world today.

A Water Safety Plan can mitigate risk to your business if your process relies on water.

A Water Safety Plan has three sections:

• Development of an understanding of the specific system and its capability to supply water that meets health-based targets
• Identification of potential sources of contamination and how they can be controlled
• Validation of control measures employed to control hazards;

Coftec adopts the methodologies outlined in both the WHO and EPA guidance documents and applies them when developing a water safety plan for industrial applications.

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