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Water Safety Plans

Water Safety Plans

Water Safety Plans for Industrial Operations

Water is a vital component in industrial processes, but it must meet specific quality standards to ensure the integrity of operations and the well-being of both workers and the environment. Using contaminated water can not only lower product quality but also lead to equipment damage and increased maintenance costs.

Moreover, industrial discharges of polluted water can have far-reaching consequences, potentially harming ecosystems and resulting in legal liabilities. Inefficient water use can strain valuable resources and raise operational expenses.

This is why implementing robust water safety planning is absolutely essential for ensuring product quality, protecting the environment, and achieving overall operational success in the industry. Call us and discover how an effective water safety plan can safeguard your industrial operations and promote sustainability.

Coftec is a trusted provider of water safety plans for industrial and municipal water and wastewater streams.

Tailored Water Safety Plans

Coftec offers site specific Water Safety Plans, based on WHO and EPA guidelines. Comprising of an on-site assessment and report development Coftec will examine all aspects of a site’s water infrastructure and make recommendations for whole-system optimisation.

“The most effective way of systematically ensuring the safety of a water supply system is an integrated risk assessment and management encompassing all stages of water supply, from collection to the consumer.”

WHO Water Quality Directive, 3rd edition, 2004

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