Water Quality Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Wastewater

Coftec are leaders in the supply water quality monitoring solutions for industrial wastewater. Process water quality is often extreme in its composition, for example high in acids, solids and other parameters or radically changing temperature. Coftec designs, builds and if required, operate solutions for the managing industrial wastewater streams.  We can offer the spectro::lyser titanium pro and the spectro::lyser industrial as part of a solution for monitoring the quality in industrial wastewater streams. The probes are especially designed for heavy-duty applications; extremely resistant on the outside and contain innovative high-tech on the inside.

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Wastewater – Brewery Customer

Coftec are leaders in the supply water quality monitoring solutions for industrial wastewater.

The s::can industrial product range is the ultimate solution for industries such as textile, galvanic, tanneries, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food and beverages and petro-chem. Due to its durable housing made from high-quality titanium and its enhanced specifications, the spectro::lyser titanium pro it is also ideal for monitoring coastal seawater, brackish water and water intakes at desalination plants.

Benefits at a glance

  • Detection and prevention of product loss
  • Optimization of processes and chemical dosing
  • Continuous monitoring of industrial effluents
  • Detection of toxic / hydrocarbon spills
  • Conformance to compliance regulations
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Minimization of surcharge fees
  • Low maintenance due to diverse range of cleaning devices
  • Protection of intakes
  • Dynamic billing

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Wastewater – Save Operating Costs

Many industrial users are interested in the optimization of production processes that can be achieved through spectrometry. This could be an immediate identification of malfunctions in the production process and quick initiation of appropriate countermeasures. Thus, the achieved reduction of product loss and reduced consumption of operating material helps to lower production costs.

Another type of application is the detection of product spills, such as hydrocarbon alarms for the petrochemical industry. Spectrometers are used, for instance, to monitor total hydrocarbons and benzene concentrations down to levels as low as 10 ppb. This makes it easier to meet regulatory requirements and minimize surcharge fees.

The use of the online spectrometer can also be used for profiling the spread of contaminants in groundwater at industrial sites, by inserting the instruments into boreholes and recording concentrations at various depths in the groundwater.

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Wastewater – Coagulation Control

s::can sensors combined with process control software can provide feed forward coagulant dose control to fully optimize operations. This results in significant operational cost savings and therefore a quick return on investment of the system.

Have you got issues or concerns with your industrial wastewater?  Contact us today – we are experts in the design and supply of water quality monitoring solutions for industrial wastewater.  Let’s discuss how Coftec can help – whether you are designing a new facility or refurbishing, expanding, or bringing an existing facility up to regulatory standards our knowledge and experience can help identify the optimum solution to address the challenges at hand.




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