Advantages of Design for Manufacture and Assembly for Modular Water Treatment Plants

Design for Manufacture and Assembly for Modular Water Treatment Plants

by Oisin Egan – Coftec

Coftec is a leading manufacturer of modular water treatment plants for emergency, temporary and permanent use. Our products are Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) – some of the advantages of DfMA include faster time to market, higher quality assembly, greater sustainability and reduced costs which are discussed below. This design philosophy makes our modular water treatment plants some of the most efficient and effective solutions on the market.

Faster time to market
DfMA brings standardised approach to manufacture and assembly. This method of working with prefabricated parts compared to the traditional build on-site can greatly reduce the production and assembly time. It means that customers can be guaranteed that their treatment plant will be functioning as quickly as possible.
Coftec modular water treatment plants are housed in a reinforced and insulated ISO 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container which allows for easy rapid transportation to the customer. DfMA allows components to be fitted efficiently inside the container and for easy maintenance. Because of the rapid deployment and the on-site groundworks being carried out in parallel to the plant assembly, much time is saved from the initial discussions with the customer to the final product.  This method of working with prefabricated parts compared to the traditional build on-site ensures quality and reliability which gives Coftec a leading edge in the market.

Reduced Costs
Reduced labour and operational costs are achieved due to a shorter project time and efficient use of material. An advantage of DfMA is that each unit is designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of the customer, which means there is virtually no material wastage or unnecessary labour costs.
Many of the costs of the traditional build are eradicated including the cost of the groundwork that surrounds the treatment plant and its labour. Surplus expenses like fuel for machinery and onsite generators are also eliminated. As a result our modular treatment plants offer a more affordable solution to the customer.

Higher Quality Assembly
The treatment plants are designed, manufactured, tested and commissioned by our expert team. It gives the customer an added confidence that the modular treatment plant will meet the highest industry standards.
Offsite manufacturing mitigates health and safety issues that occur onsite like working at heights or in confined spaces. There is also minimal work in poorer weather conditions when operations like earthworks or welding cannot be carried out. The containers that arrive on site are strong, durable and able to withstand any weather conditions.
Another advantage of our product is that we offer a bespoke design that facilitates the specific requests for certain equipment or design alterations. Customer water treatment needs differ and Coftec can provide a completely tailored solution every time.

DfMA can facilitate the saving of raw material in the production of our modular water treatment plants. All materials are designed and cut to length which eliminates the wastage of materials that can occur with a traditional build and less onsite machinery requirements reduces carbon footprint.
We include recyclable materials in the design and implement renewable energy sources like Photovoltaic where possible. This makes production more sustainable. Improvements are always made in the design stage before production occurs to ensure the assembly is as efficient as possible. Here in Coftec we pride ourselves by integrating sustainability with our products and services and customers know when choosing Coftec, they too will reduce carbon emissions and save natural resources.

Our approach to manufacture generates efficiencies in cost and schedule whilst achieving superior quality which passes through-to the final customer. Contact Coftec today to discuss our modular water treatment plants and how our solutions and expertise can help with your water or wastewater treatment project.




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